Welcome to Medallions of Power


Medallions have been around for thousands of years in one form or another. In the past, medallions were made to harness the power of a Sage or the God it was made to represent. By doing certain rituals and spiritual practices the owner could connect to the power of the deity and turn on certain traits and abilities within themselves. These objects were worshipped by the people and usually kept for the wealthy and the spiritually advanced. Holy men, Adepts and Initiates were usually the only people who knew of the hidden power of medallions.


Over the centuries medallions have transformed into Objects of Power. Each generation has passed down the Sigils of the Gods and how to capture those images onto different medals and clays to shape it into the form of a medallion.


In today’s modern world, with the advent of the internet and ancient tablets, it is easy to see some of the sigils and writings dedicated to Gods, Angels and Holy Men. However, not all medallions are made with the same power. It takes an Advance Consciousness to imbue power into an item. This power is usually in addition to the sigils you find on common medallions. This addition is the difference between a regular medallion and a Medallion of Power.


This website is dedicated to offering you the most powerful medallions in modern times. We have created medallions in the following categories: Expanded Consciousness, Healing, Power, Protection and Wealth. These medallions have been around for over twelve years. They have been tried and tested by thousands of people. Today, all you need to do is wear the medallion to feel the power and gain the benefits.


Whatever your need is there is a medallion created for you. Look through this website and read the description carefully to find the one right for you.