The Attunement Amplifier Medallion

Height: 2.00 Inches
Width: 2.00 Inches
Depth: 1.00 Inches

The Attunement Amplifier Medallion



We have created a new amplifier that will allow those who have purchased the package to experience deeper and more expansive perceptions with the attunements.  The amplifier medallion has been infused with special designs that will take the energy of the attunements and expand them.  This expansion will allow the user to feel the energies more intensely.  The energies will also penetrate more deeply into the consciousness so that you will experience deeper meditations, brighter visions, more expansive sensations, and a broader sense of reality.  No drugs involved.

The Attunement Amplifier Medallion is 1.75 inches in diameter and is filled with primordial symbols that are designed to expand consciousness.  The symbols are deeply engraved into the brass and iron of the medallion.  In this position, they can catch the energy waves of the attunement recordings and amplify their effects on the subconscious and the conscious parts of the mind.  This effect is especially apparent on recordings 7-13, though it may be felt on 1-6 as well.

To really appreciate the Attunements this amplifier is a great enhancement.



Price: $300.00

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